2017 Events

4-Cell FPV Drone Race

Team Endurance FPV Drone Race

Diagram and rules coming soon!

Race Disputes

Missed Gate or Flag

Spotter must inform pilot of infraction at the time it happens.
Spotter “Pilot A missed gate” loudly. Pilot must go back and fly the missed gate / flag.

Spotter “Pilot A resolved” once infraction is resolved. Laps are counted
Infractions count completed laps up to the infraction.

Flying Out of Bounds

Scored as a DNF. No laps are tallied.

Missing Spotter Duties

Pilot is responsible for their spotter duties. If they can’t make it, they are required to find a replacement. Penalty is DQ on their next race.

Craft flips at start

Volunteers or spotter may flip a craft that has flipped at takeoff as long as it has not passed through the start line.

Pilot Misses Race

Recorded as DNS and no points / Laps are included.


Occasionally a pilot may request a rerun (like losing video). The Race Director is the final authority of all such disputes.

2016 Race Course



Cinematography Challenge

The Aerial Cinematography Challenge is composed of three phases: Practice Day, Camera Day, Judgement Day. They are described in detail below. The competition is designed to resemble the challenges and scenarios found on a live motion picture set.  Contestants will have specific shots to execute and a storyboard that the ‘director’ wants to see take life. Your job is to help the director realize his/her vision.  In addition to capturing the shot, you will be evaluated on safety, and how you conduct yourself ‘on-set’. Proper set safety practices, including use of checklists, safety briefings and control of the shooting environment, are expected. Additionally, all drones should be properly registered to their owners.

The 2017 challenge will feature a professional and amateur competition!


R/C Fixed -Wing Aircraft Demos

We have Pilots and aircraft of all types that have been invited to showcase their radio control airplane passion for your entertainment. We will have turbine jets, scale aircraft replicas of WWI and WWII war birds, extreme acrobatic airplanes and more. Most of these airplanes are large, gas powered airplanes including some that have 8-10 ft wingspans. They will be flown by experienced pilots that will make each of these flights eye-popping entertainment. There will be R/C flying demonstrations on the Spaceport runway throughout the weekend. Come join us at the Spaceport runway – we will not be hard to find.


All pilots must have registered their drone with the FAA at https://registermyuas.faa.gov and be current members of the AMA https://www.modelaircraft.org/joinrenew.aspx.